How to make a beautiful “Welcome” Burlap Swag

Published on Jul 21, 2014 Designer David Elder demonstrates how to use our 36" work Rails to make this awesomely great "Welcome Swag" for your wall or Door! The picture doesn't do this swag justice! It is absolutely stunning in person. With this easy to follow instructional video, you can make your very own! Links to all of the Items used in this Video are listed below: XX7586W4 - 36" … [Read More...]


Got Ribbon? We do!

Got Ribbon? We do! Check out our HUGE SELECTION of ribbon! We have many wonderful styles, colors and textures to choose from at the LOWEST PRICES around! Get "Creative" Today! with Creative Gift Packaging!   … [Read More...]

Doesn't look weird at all.

Where did the wreath come from?

In addition to our other wonderful items, Creative Gift Packaging sells tons of wreath making supplies. Now when I say tons, I mean TONS! A WHOLE BUNCH! Seriously, we have almost 25,000 square ft of warehousing dedicated almost exclusively to wreath making items. That's a bunch. And this stuff is BEAUTIFUL! It makes our warehouse look like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. (Except with more … [Read More...]


House Divided Deco Mesh Football Wreath – Free Video!

How to make a House Divided Deco Mesh Football Wreath, from Creative Gift Packaging. This wreath features USC & Clemson Colors but you can substitute different colors for your favorite teams! Show your collegiate pride and Get "Creative" Today! Supplies used are listed below: XX751150 - White 24" Pencil Wreath RE1016MH - 21" Orange & Purple Stripe Deco Mesh RE1016MF - 21" Black … [Read More...]


New Deco Mesh Snowman Kit. Free Video!

How to make a snowman with our New Snowman Head Frame from Creative Gift Packaging Inc. (Available in August 2014) The popular Snowman Wreath has never been easier to make! Our brand new Snowman Head Frame simplifies the design and helps you to create a beautiful Snowman without the hassle of trying to form the hat. This kit comes complete with the Hat Frame! How cool is that! Get "Creative" … [Read More...]


Wedding Wreath Tutorial

This beautiful wreath is perfect for any wedding and especially shines as a way to commemorate a Golden 50th Wedding Anniversary. The supplies used in this video are available at Creative Gift Packaging Inc. Get "Creative" Today! List of Supplies Used in this Video: #XX750427 - White Pencil Wreath #RE1056HE - Cream Gold & Silver Basket Weave Mesh #RS200453 - 2.5" Gold … [Read More...]


Deco Mesh Lotus Centerpiece Tutorial

Our Summer Lotus Centerpiece is great for summer parties, friendly gatherings, special events or any other occasion that needs a little umph! You can mix up the colors to suit your theme. Get "Creative" Today! with Creative Gift Packaging Inc! List of the products we used in this design. #XX167811 - 10" Hot Pink Work Wreath #RE130122 - 10" Pink w/ Pink Deco Mesh #RE130150 - 10" … [Read More...]


How to Make a Beautiful Burlap Wreath

This video will show you an easy way to craft a beautifully natural Burlap Wreath. This wreath is fun and easy to make, and will look great on your front door! All of the supplies used in this wreath are available at Creative Gift Packaging.™ Get "Creative" Today!™     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyVf9eEUvPw … [Read More...]


How to make our Patriotic Deco Mesh Swag

Show off your Patriotism and your Creativity with this stunning Patriotic Deco Mesh Swag. Designer David Elder takes you step by step through the creation of this beautiful design. Purchase all of the items needed to create this gorgeous swag at Creative Gift Packaging!™ Get "Creative" Today! ™ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gq206l3DSOI   … [Read More...]


Creative Gift Packaging Inc. on WLOS News 13 “Steering A Company, Despite Cancer”

Check out this News Story about the owners of Creative Gift Packaging Inc™. from WLOS News 13. … [Read More...]


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